For the first time in the history of Show Choir, a National Show Choir Champion will be named!

On Saturday, April 30, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Nation's top Show Choirs will vie for the title of "National Champion" and one will be awarded the prestigious "Show Choir Cup." The road to the "National Show Choir Championship" will begin with entry into one of five qualifying competitions. These events are produced by the Nation's leading Show Choir event producer FAME Events. Qualifying events are located across the country in Hollywood, Branson, Chicago, Orlando and New York City.

The top three finalists from each qualifying event will receive an invitation to the "National Show Choir Championship Finals" in Indianapolis at the end of April. These National Show Choir Finalists will be sponsored into the event at no charge. Each of these Show Choirs will also receive complimentary hotel accommodations for Friday and Saturday nights as well.

It seems Show Choir is on everyone’s mind now. The national media recognizes the entertainment value of Show Choir. With the success of the hit television series Glee and Show Choir highlighted on popular TV shows like Oprah, Saturday Night Live, MTV and many others Show Choirs around the country are finding themselves in the spotlight.

FAME and have received world-wide attention from media outlets across the United States, China and the United Kingdom. Everyone is scrambling to be associated with the “National Show Choir Championship Series” and what many are calling a “new phenomenon”. Of course those of us close to Show Choir know better; and that is that Show Choir has been alive and well for many decades. Whether they call it “Glee Club” or “Show Choir”, the fact of the matter is that we are appreciative of the support for music education and for the opportunity to be associated with the most talented teachers and choreographers and of course the very best kids in school.